Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Parades, Parties, and Cake.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

This weekend we had fun in two countries! We as in one of us in a different country, the rest of us were here.

Let's start with Preston. He and his school band took three charter buses to Victoria Canada to parade, play and just have fun. Star Wars style.
There were several photographers/chaperons who are friends, so we really lucked out. Here Preston is marching in the Victoria Days parade with his Jedi costume that Carol made for him.
And who do you hope to meet up with if you're a Jedi?
Preston's school joined forces with this group of Star Wars fans.
A concert on the steps of somewhere in Canada. This school does have a great band and orchestra.
One of the reasons Preston has really enjoyed band is the teacher. Mr. Stowell is retiring at the end of this school year. An end of an era for sure.
A concert on warf? Preston brought two instruments with him this trip. He mostly played the clarinet in the marching band, but for the jazz on the warf he played his saxophone. Preston has gone on this trip all four years of high school, one of his favorite school activities for sure.

The rest of us stayed around home but stayed plenty busy ourselves. We started Sunday by hanging with friends at the Larry Nelson memorial golf party.
The party was at Mick and Susan's house. Maren hanging with friends. It was a year ago this (last) weekend that Larry passed away. Preston was up in Victoria and we attended the auction as well. Sometime a year is a long time, and sometimes it is not long at all.
Yes, we played hillbilly golf. An intricate game of golf through artistic fields. Here Hansen gives it a go.
Lillie golfed too!
Maren and Susan. Notice the shirts? Mick had these made for everyone who showed up. Since Preston couldn't be there, Mick autographed one for him.
Hansen and Lillie hanging out with Jacob. This is a fun group to hang out with. My teamate was Julie, we were the Julie...s or something. Some day I will have to team up with Jacob just to say I was on Team Jacob. Da, da, da...not like Jacob has never heard that one.

After the party, we headed to the church auction. The auction helps fund the mission trip as well as other youth activities. Lillie and John made cakes to be auctioned at the desert auction.

Hansen helped with many jobs along with other youth. Here he is parading a dessert around for the dessert auction.
Here is Lillie's amazing rainbow cake. It was a real hit. Kids from all over were asking for slices of this cake. Nice baking Lillie!

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Wow, look at that cake! How nice that Preston could go on that band trip all those years - great memories.