Saturday, May 09, 2015

Neptune's Crown?

Good evening, it is Saturday.

Last night was Preston's Senior Prom. He wasn't even going to attend the dance as all the hullabaloo and fanfare was more than he and many of his friends wanted to put up with. But a couple of days before the dance he was informed that he was on the Court. How cool is that? So we picked up some cool duds and off he went with a large group of friends.
Getting ready to meet up for pictures. How cool is that hat? Well, it wouldn't be nearly as cool on me.
Group pictures with friends.
Getting ready for pictures of the Prom Court. Then it was off to dinner at some fancy restaurant and later the Seattle Aquarium for the dance. I didn't expect to hear much from Preston till today, but I did get a couple of text messages. The first was of a very cool event at their dinner. Some nicer person at another table actually paid for $100.00 towards their bill! That was like half. Amazing really.
Then this photo via text. The Prom King and Queen! Wow! Looks just like our Preston. With King Neptune's crown. Haha. I joked that the dance was at Shell City (Spongebob reference), but really, congratulations Preston to be voted Prom King by your peers.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Wow, that's just amazing! Congrats to Preston - everyone looks wonderful and I'm glad they had a nice time.

Amber said...

This is pretty much the best thing ever.