Sunday, May 31, 2015

Moving Day.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday was moving day for John and Carol. Well, yes and no. There is no "moving day" as it is, more of a moving month. Yesterday we helped fill the second container with all the stuff that was not big furniture moved by professionals, and the move is underway. The containers will be stored as John and Carol move in with Mel and Court for a few weeks (Jack and Avery are really looking forward to this little adventure), then move into the new house.
When we arrived there was this huge empty container just waiting to be filled.
It didn't take long to get to packing. Carol had the basement fully packed with boxes and boxes just waiting to be moved.
Even the littlest mover was working hard.
Waiting for their next job. The kids did a great job working hard and getting things done.
Progress was being made. It was like a huge Tetris game trying to get things to fit in a smart way.
John found an old yearbook from his days at Western Washington University. Yup, that'll be Preston's school in the fall.
Courtney and I goofing for a minute after moving a comfy chair into the middle of the container. Lunch was brought in from a local Mexican Restaurant. Yum!
And there were plenty of pictures to be taken. Sue took this picture of the group.
Then we broke out the sparkling cider and I changed spots with Sue for this group picture.
Look at that tongue!
Doh. How about a group selfie? Sure.
A picture of the back yard that has been very well cared for for over 46 years! I know John and Carol are already thinking about their new backyard and how it will be arranged.
And who knows, they may even get little birds nesting out in Covington too. I bet so.
A last group photo of the youngest generation on the stairs. The house looks so different empty. Amazing really. The next owner will have a clean slate with this old house. I'm sure she will do amazing things with it as well.
Melanie, Maren, and Stefanie pose for one last picture in front of their childhood house. This day has been in the works for well over a year. It was hard to grasp the magnitude of this move in the early stages as we enjoyed holidays knowing the venue would be changing in the future. But I'd say that by yesterday everyone is ready and excited for the move. Lots of great memories in this old house, but hey, the memories go with the people right?
By the end of the day this empty container was all the way full. I'm sure there will be a few more trips to the dump as well as some changing plans on just what will be left behind. But really, all the main stuff is packed up and ready for the next chapter.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Wow, what a great moving team! We wish John and Carol the best in their new home.

Melanie Ostergard said...

What a perfect tribute, Julian. I love it. And I didn't get sappy until the picture of Mar, Stef and me in front of the house. Wonderful pictures, and wonderful words. Thank you.

Amber said...

I got sappy from the very beginning! While I didn't spend as many Thanksgivings in that house as y'all did, I sure have fond memories there. Best of luck to John and Carol! I hope they love their new home.