Monday, May 04, 2015

A Legend.

Good evening, it is Monday.

Today I've had a nap, coffee, and a mocha freeze. Now I'm awake enough to blog! Hansen and I got home at 12:30 in the morning last night, then both of us got up this morning and went to work and school. Phew. What were we doing you ask? Driving back from Redding California as we attended the Western Trail Classic National Safari Archery Tournament. The tournament was lots of things from brutally hot, exhausting, amazing, and tons of fun. Next are a bunch of pics, but don't ditch just yet, there will be a few other gems at the bottom too!
Hansen and I drove down to Redding Thursday. We went out to the tournament site that evening to practice some before the tournament started in force on Friday. This is me in front of Bigfoot! Bigfoot was the 101 yard target we shot on Saturday.
Not only are there long shots like the 101 yarder, there are short shots like this 8 yarder. Both are hard in their own ways. Here Hansen has just shot a perfect shot.
The first day was the hottest. And the most grueling. Temps in the upper 90's. Hansen and I haven't seen more than a day or two in the 80's for months. This day was very hard with challenging walks between targets and plenty of waiting in the blistering sun.
The second day brought slightly cooler temps, but more importantly, easier walks and more shade. The signs on each of the 70 targets were very cute. This is the sign for the Bigfoot target. I didn't get two dots, I'm not a legend.
But I did shoot great! I beat lots and lots of people this event. I improved my score 141 points from last year. My card from last year is on the left, my card from this year on the right. Yes, I'm figuring this archery thing out. If I can improve another 20 points I will be one of the best in our state. Hmm. But like in golf, those last few shots are the hardest to come by.
Speaking of our state, this is a picture of everyone available from Washington State toward the end of day two. Hansen and I are in the smack middle. Lots of great archers in this photo for sure!
I wonder if befriending the archery god will improve my shooting? This was early on day three, and the beginning of my best day, so maybe this tin can was on my side:) Well, it was Sunday and I was missing church, so I guess this is the next best thing don't you think?
I got to meet arguably the best archer in the whole world. Jessie Broadwater. Very cool. I almost wish I would have not shot my bow at all, rather just walked the courses following the best archers in the world and watching them shoot. You know, like at a golf tournament or something. 
This is a pano of the staging area before day three. While this is no means all the 1900 folks who shot this event, there are several archery heros in this photo. I figured if I took a pano like I did, it wouldn't look like I was stalking and taking pictures of these guys. It is cool to see the folks from all the advertisements in real life. This turned out to be a great weekend shooting and hanging out with Hansen and friends.

At home Preston was awarded Student of the Quarter for Physics! 
Here the principal Dr. Potts is reading to the crowd the comments written by Preston's nominating teacher. 
And here are the comments read by the principal. Congratulations Preston! Awesome job.
What is this??? Lillie talked us into signing the form that allowed her to bring home and keep a goldfish from her science unit at school. Today Lillie and I went out and purchased Mayor Goldie Wilson (yes, she named this fish from a Back To The Future reference) a real fish tank and some actual fish food. I hope this fish lives to see June.

I hope you had a great May 4th, Star Wars day. As in, May the Fourth be with you. LOL.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Wow, congrats to the Slane family archers, to Preston for being student of the quarter, and yes, we do hope to see Mayor Goldie when we get there in June.