Friday, April 10, 2015


Good morning, it is Friday.

We have had a fun spring break. We are all just kind of doing our own things, but it has been a very nice break.
Lillie has found a new way of painting her nails. I call this hydro dipping. I guess it is called marbling in the fingernail world.
How cool is that?
Preston has been hanging with friends, dog sitting, and throwing the disc a bunch. Yesterday Lillie and I went out frolfing with him for a few. Yup, Lillie is plenty able to get her disc stuck in the trees. Preston has sure gotten good at this game, he throws the disc twice as far as I can. Don't ask Lillie about the snake or the lost disc from yesterday's adventures... shutter.
Hansen has been keeping his archery equipment in tune. The Washington State Safari is this weekend  in Spokane.  We will be there.
And the Masters is on TV. I would rather watch the TV folks talk about this tournament without even seeing any golf than watch anything else on TV. I will be following on my phone APP this weekend.

See you tomorrow.

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