Tuesday, April 07, 2015

It's Spring Time

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Spring is here! And spring break! And baseball season! And archery season! And, and, and...
Saturday we dyed Easter Eggs! Yesterday is was egg salad sandwiches. Yum.
Lillie made this amazing cake for Easter. Awesome!
Yes folks, this is a clarinet made out of a carrot. The shelf life for this instrument is rather short, but if you get hungry while practicing...
Preston and his friend Jon made this carrot clarinet. And it works amazingly well.
Hansen and I played in a Spring Safari tournament on Saturday. I entered the freestyle class (the highest there is) and did remarkably well. A long ways from placing, but probably my best actual finish. Hansen placed in his division.
We went to John and Carol's house for Easter dinner after church. Maren gave a wonderful Children's Sermon to a large group of Easter attending kiddos. Avery, Jack and Preston are enjoying Lillie's cake.
A handful of us headed to the park to run off some sugar. This picture makes it look like Jack just threw the frisbee a quarter of a mile!
This was chalked on the park walkway when we arrived. Someone else loves Spring too!
I took Lillie out for a bike ride. Snapping selfies on bikes is a dangerous thing. No phones or people were injured in the taking of this picture.
This is the bicycle I bought for Maren way back in college! It is still working perfectly. It is now Lillie's bicycle of choice.
Baseball! The Seattle Mariners won their opening game today. With some great pitcher and some new players on the team, I'm predicting a season for the ages. Maybe, just maybe, we have the best team in baseball this season...

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Nice Easter pics. What a cool carrot clarinet. Well, good luck to the Mariners and Marlins (and okay, the Boston Red Sox) this season!