Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Back To School.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Spring break ended with a bunch of tired folks in this house. Lillie went to Girl Scout camp Friday through Sunday, the same days Hansen and I were in Spokane for a Washington State archery tournament. Yesterday was a rough day back at school.

A couple of pictures from Lillie's troop leader's facebook page. It sounds like these girls had a great time at camp!
This is a mural from downtown Spokane. Apparently this is the wrong side of the tracks. The hotel I chose for us was cheap, but a reputable name...or so I thought. Instead it was eww. This section of the city was like something out of the twilight zone. Even the fast food restaurants were not like what we expected. My only guess is that meth has taken over where we were. Next year we will be camping!
Back at the archery range, things were nice. Here is a group of folks warming up for the first day.
Here we have some nice bows just hanging around. It was fun to shoot and hang out with friends. I shot very well. The best I've ever shot. When the pairings were done for the second day, I was right in there with the real shooters. It was fun. Hansen shot great the first day and was leading the pack. He had some equipment issues the second day which cost him, but kudos to Hansen as he battled through and had a fun tournament.
This is Andy. We carpooled with him and his son. I ended up paired with him both days. This is the cemetery shot. Here we shot over a canyon. You can see how nice the weather was the second day.
This is our friend Chris taking a shot at the 101 yard target the second day. This was a very hard shot as we had to stand on a bluf and shoot 101 yards with a strong cross wind. I snapped this photo as my group was behind this group. After this target things stretched out some. Fun tournament.

See you tomorrow.

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