Sunday, March 08, 2015

Fondant and Hammock Time.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday! I talked to him on the phone for a bit. Tried to guess his age. Failed. And it's not like I don't have the numbers. We decided that it was good that my major in college was history. I'm not terrible at math, but I am the worst in my family. Yup, Lillie has even passed me up. No worries, I've got this.

Lillie made another cake for her post birthday and in honor of my dad's birthday. I think she really just wanted to play with fondant. Lillie made her own fondant. Guess what the ingredients are? Powdered sugar, marshmallows, and water. Yum.
Here's that cake. Nice baking Lillie!

This morning was spring forward. Today was a beautiful sunny day, and it was light till like 7:00pm. And to make it even better, it was opening day for the Seattle Sounders, who beat the New England team quite easily.
Lillie and I decided it was a good day to put the hammock back up. Once it was up, Lillie and I took a few selfies.
Yay for hammocks. Lillie was inspired by our hammock and then got a hold of my phone:
Uh, a kitten in a baby hammock? Yeah, I always find goofy pictures on my phone when Lillie gets a hold of it.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Yay for cakes, hammocks, and selfies! I know Dad appreciated your call - always great to hear from you!

Amber said...

Nice cake! Cute daddy/daughter pic! 69 years old!