Sunday, March 22, 2015

Build A

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday was a day that Lillie had waited for for a long time. I'd guess for the last two years. Since before she was nearly so tall. Build a Bear. Yup, she put her birthday and extra money all together to build the perfect bear. She had bear naming quizes and everything. Some names at the top of the list were: Bearianna Grande, Albeart Einstein. Abearham Lincoln, Bearry Potter, Amelia Bearheart, Bearlatrix Lastrange, Tracy Turnbear, and many more. But like with the wand, the bear doesn't choose the name, the name chooses the bear...
Well, I guess the kid chooses both the bear and the name. But things don't go as planned always. Lillie planned on the rainbow bear (above her in this pic) with a name of Bearianna Grande from her searches online. But this was not the bear that choose her.
Filling up the new bear with love and scents. Literally. This bear has a heart and a sniffer pack inside. It smells like strawberries.
Meet Slurpee. The bear that made it out without a pun for a name. This picture is at the food court in the Tacoma Mall. Yes, that is the closest place with a Build a Bear. Hansen accompanied us as well. Actually it was a trade off as Lillie hung out at the archery range for an hour before getting to go to Build a Bear as Hansen had one more indoor score to make up.
Once home Hansen needed to go out in the world for landscape photoshoots for his photography class. We found this dead looking pine tree with one last broken Christmas Ornament on in by the side of a walking trail. Strange. I am glad spring is finally here.
Cheese. Pizza John and Hansen are looking right at me.
Look out. Lillie and a saw a the Home Depot. We were shopping for some parts required for her science fair project what we will have to make in the next week. Lillie did list wood shop as an elective for middle school, Here's a little warm up.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Aw, Slurpee is so cute!