Thursday, March 12, 2015

At Home Iphone Repair.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

For the kids and I, today is our Friday! No school tomorrow. I'm not exactly sure why, but I good with the outcome.

Last night I attempted one of those things that you should never attempt at home. I tried to replace the shattered screen on an iphone. Lillie's iphone to be exact. It used to be my iphone, then when I upgraded Lillie got my old one. So, if this doesn't work, it is ok. Well, with me. Lillie still would like a phone.
Picture one. Lillie's phone bottom left. No worries, these things happen. The new screen I purchased on ebay for $15.00 and the tools upper right. Lillie hung out with me for the first minute or so, that was until we realized that you have to go through the back of the phone, removing all the guts, to get to the front...ugh.
Lots of tiny screws that I can just barely see! Luckily there are some good tutorials on youtube. But this is when I realize the front is for an iphone 4, not a Verizon iphone 4. Not all iphone 4s are the same. Dun dun dun. Well, we've come this far. Have only lost one little washer, and lets see if these iphones are close enough. I'm better understanding the  "don't try this at home" thing.
 All back together! And it turns on! Yay! But (here comes the but) the touch part of the screen does not work. That's right, I can tell that the brains are still there, but we just can't control them. Aarg. The good news is: We have another old phone Lillie can use. And for just $15.00 I am ordering another new screen to try to do it all again. I just hope the missing washer and the screw that never made it back in won't be missed next time around.

See you tomorrow.


Susanna Powers said...

this is why I just go directly to the at&t store. The beauty of it is that with every single upgrade the phones get better. have a good weekend, Love, susanna

Ellen said...

Well, good try! If the next screen works, it'll still be cheaper than taking it to a store, I'm sure. Good luck!