Monday, March 30, 2015


Good morning, it is Monday.

Did you know that in Covington there is now a Wendy's restaurant? Well, there is. And all of Covington is checking it out.
Friday evening after dropping Lillie off for an overnight at Nana's house, we decided to wait in a long slow line to enjoy some fast food.
This weekend also brought about the creating of Lillie's science fair project. Here she is sharpening some washers with a dremmel grinder.
Introducing Lille's Amazing Egg Opener! Complete with open egg.
Can't forget about the backdrop. Eggciting for sure.
Now here's a sight you don't see everyday. Hansen and Lillie working in the backyard. Hansen was earning some cash for a movie outing and Lillie wanted to help him out. Now we have a nice cleaned out fire pit area.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Scarves Up!

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday around lunchtime a friend e-mailed me that he had an extra ticket for last night's Seattle Sounders game and was I available to go. The answer was YES! So around dinnertime I got picked up and it was off to Seattle. The game was a friendly against Club Tijuana. A few of the big names were not playing, but we got see a fun game that resulted in a 2-2 tie.
Scarves up! We had very good seats. Quite high, but exactly mid field.
I just missed getting the fireworks in this picture. The sports teams in Seattle can certainly put on a show!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last night was a first. I know, I say that stuff all the time, but this time it is truly true. I pierced Preston's ears for him. Yeah, I know right. Preston ordered the ear rings he wanted and some needles. He thought about having a friend do it, thought about going to Claire's or some store, but in the end, had me do the job. Now, I only learned how to do this job by watching youtube videos, so I was no expert going into this. But I promised I wouldn't laugh the whole time, place the needles in the wrong spots, or quit halfway through. After last night, I may be an expert. Preston's right ear went smooth as could be, but we struggled with the left. After a few tries we got it to work. Now I may just be an expert.
Lillie is getting a close up look at the process. She also gave Preston a bear to hold so the pain wouldn't be so bad.
Phew! We made it. And I never needed the hammer! There are some pretty amusing youtube tutorials that may or most definitely may not be real.
This morning the ears are looking great. They even go very nicely with the tux Preston is wearing for today's band festival. So, who is next?

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Build A

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday was a day that Lillie had waited for for a long time. I'd guess for the last two years. Since before she was nearly so tall. Build a Bear. Yup, she put her birthday and extra money all together to build the perfect bear. She had bear naming quizes and everything. Some names at the top of the list were: Bearianna Grande, Albeart Einstein. Abearham Lincoln, Bearry Potter, Amelia Bearheart, Bearlatrix Lastrange, Tracy Turnbear, and many more. But like with the wand, the bear doesn't choose the name, the name chooses the bear...
Well, I guess the kid chooses both the bear and the name. But things don't go as planned always. Lillie planned on the rainbow bear (above her in this pic) with a name of Bearianna Grande from her searches online. But this was not the bear that choose her.
Filling up the new bear with love and scents. Literally. This bear has a heart and a sniffer pack inside. It smells like strawberries.
Meet Slurpee. The bear that made it out without a pun for a name. This picture is at the food court in the Tacoma Mall. Yes, that is the closest place with a Build a Bear. Hansen accompanied us as well. Actually it was a trade off as Lillie hung out at the archery range for an hour before getting to go to Build a Bear as Hansen had one more indoor score to make up.
Once home Hansen needed to go out in the world for landscape photoshoots for his photography class. We found this dead looking pine tree with one last broken Christmas Ornament on in by the side of a walking trail. Strange. I am glad spring is finally here.
Cheese. Pizza John and Hansen are looking right at me.
Look out. Lillie and a saw a the Home Depot. We were shopping for some parts required for her science fair project what we will have to make in the next week. Lillie did list wood shop as an elective for middle school, Here's a little warm up.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

March Madness.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Have you got your brackets filled out? I believe this morning is when it all begins. In most leagues you have just another hour or two to get in your picks. We did ours a few days ago. We, as in our family has our own pool. I chose my usual way, Power Guessing...but choosing my favorite to win. Maren went another way, she flipped a coin for every single game. Heads the top team wins, tails the bottom team wins. The only hiccup was the short time where her lucky nickle went and rolled under the couch. Delay of game!
 Here is my game. We shall see how it goes. At work we have a pool that you can enter as many times as you want (for $5.00 a sheet) and some folks enter many times with different results. I go by the rule of only entering one sheet, the winning one! Just like buying a lotto ticket, you only need the winning one right? Welp, I've not won the lotto or the NCAA pool for that matter. Off to flip a coin. Heads I publish with the normal sign off, tails I publish right now.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Good morning, it is Wednesday.

I hope you all wore green yesterday! I hope you all had a great St. Patrick's Day. I hope you didn't get pinched too many times. I Hop had free pancakes to anyone wearing green. I only know this last fact as Preston was there getting his free pancakes for wearing green.
The rest of us didn't have I Hop pancakes, but Maren and Lillie made green pancakes. How cool is that? Very cool.

Something else cool? The proper screen for the iphone fix from the other day came in the mail yesterday. I spent not nearly as much time yesterday and now we have a working iphone again! Time to go into business Maren says. Hmm.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pi Day!

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Was yesterday a holiday for you? Did you celebrate like you were living a day that my never again be seen in your lifetime? We did. Some of us. Hansen and Lillie mostly. What day you ask? Pi Day! And not just 3.14. But in the morning and again in the evening (we are good with PM here) on precisely 3/14/15 at 9:26 and 53 seconds. Yes, that is Pi to like the 9th place value! Circular dude!
Lillie has Pi numbers painted on her fingernails on one hand!
And actual pie decorations painted on the other hand.
Yes, we did eat pie. I mean, what is Pi Day without pie? Not just any pie, a homemade oreo pie.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

At Home Iphone Repair.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

For the kids and I, today is our Friday! No school tomorrow. I'm not exactly sure why, but I good with the outcome.

Last night I attempted one of those things that you should never attempt at home. I tried to replace the shattered screen on an iphone. Lillie's iphone to be exact. It used to be my iphone, then when I upgraded Lillie got my old one. So, if this doesn't work, it is ok. Well, with me. Lillie still would like a phone.
Picture one. Lillie's phone bottom left. No worries, these things happen. The new screen I purchased on ebay for $15.00 and the tools upper right. Lillie hung out with me for the first minute or so, that was until we realized that you have to go through the back of the phone, removing all the guts, to get to the front...ugh.
Lots of tiny screws that I can just barely see! Luckily there are some good tutorials on youtube. But this is when I realize the front is for an iphone 4, not a Verizon iphone 4. Not all iphone 4s are the same. Dun dun dun. Well, we've come this far. Have only lost one little washer, and lets see if these iphones are close enough. I'm better understanding the  "don't try this at home" thing.
 All back together! And it turns on! Yay! But (here comes the but) the touch part of the screen does not work. That's right, I can tell that the brains are still there, but we just can't control them. Aarg. The good news is: We have another old phone Lillie can use. And for just $15.00 I am ordering another new screen to try to do it all again. I just hope the missing washer and the screw that never made it back in won't be missed next time around.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Fondant and Hammock Time.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday! I talked to him on the phone for a bit. Tried to guess his age. Failed. And it's not like I don't have the numbers. We decided that it was good that my major in college was history. I'm not terrible at math, but I am the worst in my family. Yup, Lillie has even passed me up. No worries, I've got this.

Lillie made another cake for her post birthday and in honor of my dad's birthday. I think she really just wanted to play with fondant. Lillie made her own fondant. Guess what the ingredients are? Powdered sugar, marshmallows, and water. Yum.
Here's that cake. Nice baking Lillie!

This morning was spring forward. Today was a beautiful sunny day, and it was light till like 7:00pm. And to make it even better, it was opening day for the Seattle Sounders, who beat the New England team quite easily.
Lillie and I decided it was a good day to put the hammock back up. Once it was up, Lillie and I took a few selfies.
Yay for hammocks. Lillie was inspired by our hammock and then got a hold of my phone:
Uh, a kitten in a baby hammock? Yeah, I always find goofy pictures on my phone when Lillie gets a hold of it.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, March 06, 2015


Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was Lillie's Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to my favorite twelve year old on the planet! I think she had a pretty good day. It was crazy socks day at her school and she was completely decked out with fancy socks and an outfit to match. She also got to bring cookies to pass out to her class for her birthday. After school it was dinner of her choice, so it was off to the Rainforest Cafe in South Center Mall. And afterwards, Cold Stone birthday cake and some presents too.
Look who met us at the Rainforest Cafe. John and Carol!
Fish tanks, fancy skies, waterfalls, thunder, lightning, good food, and last night...plenty of broken dishes. The full moon was not being nice to the servers. Ours broke a plate at our table and we heard other broken dishes as well. Wacky huh?
A Cold Stone birthday cake for the birthday girl. Welcome to twelve.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Parties, Soccer, and Seuss.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

March is a birthday time around here. Jack and Avery turned seven yesterday! Happy Happy Birthday Birthday. And tomorrow Lillie turns 12. TWELVE! But you'd think she was turning sixteen. Over the weekend we had a joint family party for these three.
We had our choice of a couple of amazing birthday cakes. Lillie made a four layer multi flavored cake, and Mel made a chocolate bunt cake. There was lots of playing in the back yard with frisbees and a slack line balance beam too.
Lillie handed down her My Little Pony sweatshirts to Avery this weekend. These sweatshirts were very well loved by Lillie, and I'm guessing they will be well loved by Avery as well. Last weekend could have been a weekend of several blogs, so here is a little catch up:
Lillie was out selling Girl Scouts Cookies at the local Safeway. There are even more site sales in the future. Yup, cookies everywhere!
Preston played in his indoor soccer team's last game. It was also the championship game for the league. Their team was down a few goals with just a few minutes to go and thanks to an amazing finish, Preston scored the tying goal with just moments to spare in regulation. It was very cool. A sudden death playoff didn't go this team's way, but what a cool way to end a season. And a chapter. Many of these kids have been on the indoor team since 7th grade and many of us parents got together for a dinner before the game. Next for these kids will be college.
Last night was Dr. Seuss night at our school. I think this is the 7th year I've been The Cat In The Hat. This year's photo booth was very cool as there were props. This is the way the whole evening went for me. Very fun.

See you tomorrow.