Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Vote for Braces?

Good afternoon, it is Tuesday.

Lillie and I took the day off of school and work. Why? Braces! Today Lillie got braces, an expander, and even more stuff. The goodie bag is sure cool too. This braces thing will have different looks over the next few years, but when it is all said and done Lillie's teeth will look like a million bucks!
Here is Lillie's before. The last picture take of Lillie before braces.
And an after. You can't see all the cool stuff in this picture. Lillie is really enjoying her Jamba Juice. Thank you Razzle Berry! And Advil.
I bought Lillie this cute little braces bracelet. It is hard to see here, but it is made out of braces stuff and the money raised is to help fund dental work to those who can't afford it.
I'm not sure why this picture of Range is on my phone.  Lillie?
Oh yes. Oscar night. Lillie and Maren do like a reason to dress up and have snacks. Birdman? Really?
Vote for Preston! Tomorrow I may tell you what this is all about. Hmm.
Check it out. Preston's first letter back from a college. Western with distinction. He is waiting for a few other letters as well. Way to go Preston!
Not to be left out, Hansen and I spent much of the Oscar day at the archery range. You can see him here shooting my bow as he was walking a course with his photography stuff. Yes, his camera case back pack is on his back. He did switch out his camera for a bow a little later.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

YOLO! Nice bracelet, nice braces, nice blog posts all around! Way to go Preston!!!