Sunday, February 01, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

What a fun day! Yes, I wish the Seattle Seahawks would have won today's game. What was that last play??? We had it! Luck was on our side with the previous play and everything. Had it worked I guess it would have been genius. Luckily, whether or not the Seahawks win really doesn't influence the happiness of my life. Phew! Others in the area, I can't say the same.

Yesterday while out for dinner, we actually saw Seahawk player Doug Baldwin! And had our picture taken! Wait a second, this Baldwin guy isn't moving very fast. Hmm.
Maren is in Chicago. Where it is blizzarding. But her party goes on. This evening she was at some fancy party during the game, so I kept her up to date via text message. Many flights have been canceled from Chicago, but hers is scheduled to leave tomorrow, so she may be just fine.
Maren left us a bag full of snacks perfect for Super Bowl snacking. Ugh, I had way too many M&M's. Next time I'm requesting no junk food for snacks! But Maren did help me make a delicious bean dip. She had set out the ingredients in advance and called me on the phone for set up. Yay! And it was important we had the bean dip as I promised Connor it would be here...
Yup, mini Super Bowl party! With snacks and bean dip. These guys were to be the Seahawk's lucky charms! It was great to have them here regardless. Can the Seahawks get to the Super Bowl next year for the third time in a row? Seems like a lot to ask, but why not them?

Lillie visited us for the snacks, but she was more interested in the Puppy Bowl. A mock Super Bowl on the animal planet channel with lots of cute puppies on a little fake football field. They even had Kitty Purry for their halftime entertainment! Yes, it is all too much.

And last but not least. For all you Marshawn Lynch fans out there, our pastor started today's service by stepping up the the microphone and saying, "I'm only here so I don't get fined!" Perfect. After church today John and Carol took us out to a nice IHop brunch. Yup, we were the winners.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Yeah, too bad about that last play...
We had Cheetos too and now I don't need to see any more till next year!