Monday, February 09, 2015

Snake Eyes.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Maren and I had a trip to the airport to pick up her fiend Judy mid day yesterday, so the littles went with Nana and Grandpa to our church's family game night. They didn't have to go, so it was a choice. Lillie, Nana, and Grandpa had a great time. Maren and I went to save Hansen from the torture about halfway through. Of course, we ended up staying for a while because it was fun.
Lillie and John were playing Headbandz when we showed up. Maren and I joined in for awhile. This is a fun game for sure. I was lucky, my card was Penguin.
Here John is dice and Maren has goat. Lillie's clue to John of a snake thinking that "snake eyes" would help him out here just put him on the wrong path for awhile. Of course, so did my clue of "eye of the needle" when he had camel. I think John quickly figured out to discount Slane clues. Somehow I think Lillie and I would make good partners.
This card from a much younger Lillie was found in the Valentines Day box. Not sure any of the rest of the contents will be of much use, but you never know when old Spider-man cards will come in handy:)

See you tomorrow.

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