Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday we went to the Pacific Science Center to see the Pompeii exhibit. Maren has wanted to see this since it was mentioned it would be here, and yesterday was the day. First we saw an IMAX movie on Greece and archaeology. Then it was off to the exhibits. The exhibit was very well done. It started with cultural items and beautiful artwork of the people of Pompeii. Probably 4/5 of the exhibit was just this. Then we went through a 3 minute movie of what they think the volcano and earthquake was like. Then the people found in molds. Amazing.
Arriving at Seattle Center. Couldn't ask for a nicer day. Preston didn't come with us. Instead he went golfing with friends then to his school's boys basketball playoff game. KL won by 5 points!
We purchased tickets in advance. In the intro to the movie it mentioned that we could use the price of the tickets toward a yearly subscription. Well, now we are members, over half the fee was covered by our tickets.
Inside the first exhibit. It is amazing they found such delicate items from Pompeii. The movie says that it was so completely wiped out that people actually forgot where the city originally was.
Archaeologists can piece back together pictures as well.
One thing about ancient Greece and such cities is the amazing detail in everything. So different than what we buy from IKEA. Of course there were many rooms to see. Even ones where kids were strongly recommended to proceed with parental caution due the content of the artwork. Then to the eruption, earthquake, and devastation. 
We were then in the room with the found casts of people. The ash and lava was so fast and with such heat that it formed around people, then as the bodies decomposed, actual mold were created. Amazing really. Amazing like wow, and amazing like dang. There we adults and children. I didn't see any animals here, but Maren showed me a picture of a dog from Pompeii. And just like that we were in the gift shop.
All types of things for sale at the gift shop. Some of the books and such were very cool. Just how ridiculous are gift shops? Well, I was not thinking Pompeii Christmas Ornaments were on my list after going through the exhibits.
Now this is super weird. Before we were allowed into the exhibits they were taking green screen photos of families. The told us to pretend to be running crazy like, then they gave us an id card to look up at home. Somehow we did make it out alive! Alive indeed, we decide to go look at lighter things at the Science Center.
Like butterflies. Here Maren is surrounded by butterflies in the butterfly house.
And naked mole rats. The naked mole rats themselves are not nearly as cool as the huge sign! Come on mole rats, put on some clothes! Ha!
One last trip to the fountain on the way home. Fun day for sure. Hansen and Lillie had their cameras with them as well. They have all kinds of wonderful photos that are completely different than the ones I took. Both Hansen and Lillie are very artistic with their photo taking for sure.

See you tomorrow.

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