Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mr. Kentlake

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Last night I attended an event that I've never attended before. Mr. Kentlake. A goof off rendition of a beauty pageant for the boys. The auditorium was absolutely packed with kids. I think there were only nine adults, the parents of the nine contestants. Preston has spent quite a bit of time getting ready for this program as well as did all the other contestants. And it was a fabulous show! Like in all auditoriums, my phone does a crummy job of being a camera or a video camera, but I tried:
Preston was the first guy introduced to the stage.
Then an opening dance by the contestants.
The swimwear competition. They did this in threes. Yes, Preston is wearing his Spongebob suit.
Spirit wear. Preston is the band kid in the middle!
You cant forget about the judges. Four teachers gave their time and did a very fun job at judging.

Next was the lip sync competition. Here is Preston's performance. It was really great! And yes, in the end, this is what he won for. There has got to be a better video out in the world of this, but you can tell it was fun for sure.

Then it was the pick up line competition. Another great performance and a guest appearance by Ali.

 Of course there is always a talent portion. Who knew Preston was magic? Too funny.
Then the awards. Preston won best lip sync! Fantastic.

The final dance. This was actually the same dance as the opening number, just done again for the audience's privilege. Fun night! And a big shout out to all the kids who participated, takes a lot of guts to do this in front of the whole student body.

See you tomorrow.

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