Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Metal Mouth.

Good evening, it is Wednesday.

Today was a late start for the kids. But Lillie had to wake up even earlier than normal. Why? An orthodontist appointment. We have been very shy about Lillie getting braces. As you may remember, she did knock her front teeth nearly out almost five years ago.
Lillie had just turned seven when tooth, tooth, boom! She was about the same age as Jack, Avery and Aurora are today.
She had these cute temporary braces. These basically held her teeth in place so they could heal. And heal they did. But not quite like new. The roots are still a bit short. While the teeth may still be fragile, this is still the best time to do braces. Actually a year ago was probably the best time.
To keep some of the pressure off of the front teeth, the orthodontist has recommended these hinge devices. This looks like a mouthful of hardware for sure. The only plus with all this is that she won't have to wear headgear when sleeping like Preston did. Lillie is excited to get her braces. She would like her teeth to be a bit straighter as well as less overbite. Both things the ortho promises. Today was molds, next week spacers, and the week after that, all this stuff. Fun!

See you tomorrow.


Susanna Powers said...

Good luck to Lillie! I had to sleep with the head brace way back when. I'm sure that her teeth will be beautiful after the process is finished. love, susanna

Amber said...

Aurora bonked her front teeth on a shopping cart today at Target. She was crying and saying it was because I made her push the cart when she's not big enough to do it - but I totally didn't make her, she wanted to! Ha! Her teeth look a lot like Lillie's in this post (only about 1/3 grown in) and I couldn't help but worry that they could really get bonked loose - but she seems to be fine now. Ahh well, cool that we keep naming our blog posts the same thing ;)

Julian Slane said...

I'm sure Aurora's teeth are just fine. And I'm sure you were forcing her to push that cart:) When Lillie knocked her teeth, she was running full out as fast as she could and trying to duck under a playground bar...that she didn't quite get under.