Saturday, February 07, 2015

Movie Night.

Good afternoon, it is Saturday.

Preston has been on a bit of a Star Wars kick as of late. If there ever was a good kick to be on, Star Wars is right up there. As with many movies of ours, when we want to watch an old movie, turns out we only owned these movies on VHS. Yet, all we can play these days is DVD or BlueRay. So last night we went out and splurged on Episodes 4,5,and 6. Of course this is still confusing to me as 4,5,and 6 are actually the first three ever made.
If you're going to have a movie marathon, I don't think you start any better than this!
Yup, off to blow up the Death Star! Of course, during the day Maren and Lillie seem to take over the TV. Did you know that the Hallmark station plays sappy movies all year round? Not just at Christmas? And the cringe worthy commercials that you think will be for Calais, or some other not for TV commercial actually turn out to be for greeting cards? I hope it stops raining soon:)

P.S. Maren found a few "double binky" photos, here's one for you:
See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

We recently discovered the UP channel, which has sappy movies to rival Hallmark's!