Friday, February 13, 2015


Good evening, it is Saturday.

This morning I dropped Maren off a the airport. She is on her way to somewhere sunny. For a Science Book award party. Some place that starts with "San" is all I know. Actually, she has already arrived safe and sound. And she sent this picture:
Later Maren was actually reading poolside. The next couple of days for her will be full of helping the award ceremonies, meeting authors, having fun, and probably more book reading at the pool. Of course she is missing Valentine's Day. Well, missing it with us. Hanging at the pool in this weather might be a perfect day. But no fear, Maren did leave us all with Valentine's Day goodies. Cards and candy for the kids, and a movie for me. I've wanted The Giver on BlueRay, in fact we just finished watching it. Maren also bought us this cool contraption:
An electric egg cooker! Yes, how cool is this? Hard boiled eggs in 5 minutes. I tried it out today and took pictures to share the excitement with a poolside Maren.
Loading the cooker with eggs. You have to puncture the top with the fancy poker thing. It is crazy that the egg can handle this. Also add water.
It gets all steamy. Hansen said it was an incubator. Well, kind of just the opposite.
Hard boiled eggs! The yoke was just a bit soft, but it was super tasty. The instructions are funny, basicly an overview with the instructions to learn on your own. Different amounts of water and eggs and everything can make a difference.
Golf discs! One of these is Preston's free disc. The local disc store gives students a free disc if you have a certain level of grades awesomeness. And yes, Preston achieved top levels of good grade awesomeness.

See you tomorrow.

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