Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was a full day for Lillie and I. We had her parent/teacher conference, followed by an ortho appointment, followed by a dentist appointment. She did great! Her school work is impressive, her teeth are looking good, and now the down payment on her braces has been paid! She is a rare breed of high cap kid, super well rounded, both a great student and a super human. Yay!
These were the two books Lillie was deciding on from the book sale. And which did she choose? Sea Otters! Because they are, "so cute!"
Lillie's class always has a great art wall. Being a past art docent myself, it is always great to see the hallways filled with art.
Speaking of art, Hansen has a couple of photos on display in the main entrance hallway of his high school. He has one of a boat, and the one of his in this shot is of Avery petting a dog on a ferry boat. Do you see it? The girl in the picture on the right is looking right at it.
The reason I was at the high school last night was because Preston's Jazz Band had it's mid-winter concert. Preston had a solo with his saxophone (he is standing in the center of this pic).
As well as a being featured on the piano! Great job Preston. One of the highlights of this show was his friend Kyle's solo on the guitar at the end. Amazing! Kyle's mom and Maren have been friends since elementary school.
Preston has made this ginormous SpongeBob! In a couple of weeks you will get to find out just why he would be making such a costume. Besides, of course, that it is just plain fun.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Sea otters ARE very cute - and so is that Sponge Bob!