Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Band Festival.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Last night was yet another school function. A band concert. Not just any band concert, the one time a year where all the area 6th grade bands play along with the 8th grade band and the senior band. It really is a fun way to see how far band has come since 6th grade. And for the band teachers to try to recruit some kids to band in jr high and high school when electives are quite scarce. This was maybe the one and only band concert that Preston and Lillie will both be taking part in. Lillie in the youngest band, Preston in the oldest band. Very cool.
A pano shot of the whole gym. The 6th graders take up the lion share of the gym with the jr high and the sr high bands on the edges. Preston's band had not even entered the room when the 6th graders were warming up.
There's Lillie! Right in the middle of this picture.
After the concert. We were on the way to get some milk shakes! As fun as this concert was, Lillie's new braces were not adding to the enjoyment.

I'm generally against putting video in my blogs. Why? They don't show up in my printed blog books. And I'm not a huge fan of youtube. But I will add three videos to go with the videos of yesterday. One of the 6th grade band, One of the 12th grade band, and one of a special performance Preston and friends played. 

This is the 6th grade band. Sounding good for a giant 6th grade band that has never played together before.

Preston and a few friends playing the Cantina Band song from Star Wars.

This last video is of the final performance of the night (like all the blog videos, if you open them all the way up, you get to the HD version which shows more). The sr. band is very good indeed. These kids have come a long way since they were Lillie's age. I wonder if Lillie will stick with music as long...I think she may if she can get past the next couple of years with braces. I'm thinking a switch to the violin would be good?

It is Thursday. So time to throw back. Actually Lillie and I were looking through old pictures as she has to choose a baby picture for her yearbook.
This is the Picture Lillie chose. How cute is this? She was just over a year and a half old.
This is a cute one too. Hansen and Lillie driving through the grocery store. Yikes, Hansen will be getting his drivers permit this summer!

See you tomorrow.

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