Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pizza John.

Good evening, it is Saturday.

Hansen and I have been shooting the bows a bit this last week. Today we shot in a 3D tournament, and Thursday we tried out an indoor league. These two disciplines are so very different.
Indoor shots are all 20 yards. Ten rounds of three targets each, for 300 max points. The very center is an "X" to help with ties. See the targets behind Hansen (Hansen is in the red pizza John shirt)? This is what we're shooting at. The "X" is about the size of a quarter then the numbered rings stretch out in about 3/4 inch increments. The short range and the very cramped shooting lanes can be a bit disconcerting at first. Outdoor shooting is definitely more relaxed.
For my first ever try at indoor, with an outdoor set up, I did very well! I think I beat all the kids this day and most of the adults on this day too!
This 1st place trophy is from today. Today was an outdoor 3D shoot. One arrow per target, 35 targets, unmarked distances and no dots to aim at. Hansen is very good at guessing yardages and such. Today he beat me by about 50 points! Today was also his first day of shooting the young adult class, which means he was shooting from the same stakes as the adults and his competitors were up to 17 year olds. Nice!
This is me shooting outdoors. I must say I've been enjoying archery these days.
Did you see the Seahawks today? I did! They were awesome. Lillie made this field for our square Russell Wilson. I don't know that she is much of a football fan, but she does enjoy all the hype surrounding a winning team. And she loves crafting too. Yesterday Lillie was all decked out in blue and green for Seahawks Friday at her school. Right down to green and blue socks.
The only problem with blue and green socks is they cover up her very fancily made up toes! Right now there are about 20 bottles of nail polish on the coffee table. Anyone need their nails done?

See you tomorrow.

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