Monday, January 19, 2015

Party Time. Excellent.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Happy MLK Day! Happy Birthday Maren! Happy Birthday Mom! How's that for a birthday weekend? Well, Awesome. This is part one of Maren's birthday posts:

For Maren's family party we had a very nice crowd come party at our house. Pics? Sure.
Lillie made Maren this lovely birthday cake! There were even marshmallows in the fillings.
Pizza and hanging out.
Piano playing.
Very cute birthday cards. One of the wings was made by Jack, the other by Avery.
Noise makers! And those little party blower things.
Picture taking. This is Auntie Sue taking a picture of Mel and Court. In the background Preston and Lillie are playing songs on the piano where Preston plays the left hand and Lillie plays the right hand.
Present time.
More presents!
Blowing out candles. See, this party had a bit of everything!
Including Seahawks! Yes, the Seahawks are going back to the Superbowl! Hah!

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

Lillie - that must be the most beautiful cake you've ever made! And your toenails are amazing! What an exciting (and yummy) birthday (and Seahawks win!!!)