Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy Happy Birthday.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday we wrapped up Maren's birthday weekend with a trip to Red Robin.
Enjoying her birthday out. If you look way past Maren to the back corner of the restaurant you can maybe see some young kid getting sung Happy Birthday to by the staff. Maren gave us all the "you will not tell them it's my birthday" look! So, no singing until later with our Costco Tuxedo cake. And yes, we did all sang like Barry Manilow when the singing time rolled along.
Of course we were all there! This picture was taken before Hansen started eating his jalapeno burger with ghost hot sauce burger. We were given a blow by blow of just how hot that burger really was! Nope, I didn't try it.

Earlier in the day I drove Preston up to the U district as he had an alumni interview with an alumnus from Stanford. He had a nice talk with the Stanford guy over coffee. Preston has not heard back from any college yet, but these choices are just around the corner. I walked around a U-Village that is a far cry from the U-Village that I remember as a student. It is now a full fledged mall. Wow!

See you tomorrow.

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