Saturday, January 03, 2015

15 and 24!

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Happy 15th Birthday Hansen! Happy 24th Anniversary Maren!

Hansen will tell you that his being born on our anniversary was, is, and always be the best anniversary gift we could ever possibly receive. Of course he is right. So lets celebrate Hansen's birthday! Yay!
But first, a couple dozen roses for Maren! Fitting I think, two dozen roses for a 24th anniversary.
And a picture of Maren and I from our wedding day!
O.K. Hansen, now that we have some roses and an old picture out of the way, the day can be all about you! Happy Birthday kiddo!
Here is a picture of our wedding album that Maren dug out the other day. It is very small, but when you elope at the courthouse, that is kind of what you get. It is very nice.
  How about the cupcakes that Lillie made for Hansen's birthday party! While they are delicious, they have a certain look to them. We have been laughing and joking about these crappy birthday cupcakes! Oh My! Happy Birthday Hansen!

See you tomorrow.


Susanna Powers said...

Happy birthday Hansen! and happy anniversary Julian and Maren. I hope you all have a fun January. Love, susanna

Amber said...

I'm making crappy chocolate cupcakes in your honor tonight, too! Happy 15 and 24, Slane Family!!!

Ellen said...

Happy birthday and happy anniversary. It was very nice of Lillie to make the cupcakes. Not long ago, we saw lots of similar baked goods in a book called Cake Wrecks - very funny.