Friday, January 30, 2015


Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday morning Maren flew to Chicago for a Library conference. Yes, that means that she will miss the Super Bowl! Well, the mini party at our house. Instead she will be Super Bowling it up with Librarians from all over at what is sure to be a lavish party. Go Hawks.
I missed yesterday's blog, but here is a Throwback Blue Friday picture from 2006. Yes, it is Blue Friday for 12s across the globe today!
And this is a cool picture of Hansen's batman yoke on his bow. With his photography skills he was able to make this picture really pop! Welp, short blog, I've got to find some blue to wear.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Shot?

Good evening, it is Sunday.

How about a little weekend fun? Actually I'm having a hard time writing right now because the boys and I are watching Anchorman 2. Is it possible that a movie can be the best movie and the worst movie at the exact same time? Yes.
Lillie has decided that maybe, just maybe tennis will be her next sport. So yesterday I dug out a decent tennis racquet for her to try. Then Preston joined us for a little tennis excursion. We will see if Lillie actually joins the tennis team this summer. With some practice she may just be the next Maria Sharapova. No?
Check out this picture. Can you see a person way up in the tree up there? Our neighbor had a couple of trees taken down, but there is no room for the trees to fall, so this guy climbs the tree cutting the branches off on the way up, then the tree foot by foot down on the way down. All the while not dropping a single branch, rather lowering each cut part down to the ground with a rope. Amazing.
Go Seahawks! Maren now has a nice Seahawks hat to wear on her trip to Chicago next weekend. Yes, she will miss the Superbowl at home, but the 12s are everywhere! I think she already has a Superbowl party all lined up.
Yes, these jello shots were a treat at work. The strange thing about these jello shots were that they actually tasted like jello. Now I'm confused about every jello shot I've ever had in the past...
And lastly, this is a picture of on of my ends from last week's archery league. Sure, not all my arrows hit the middle, but I did shoot a PR at 294 (of 300) and look at the top arrow, maybe the most perfect shot of my life! These shots are all from 20 yards away.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday.

Good evening, it is Thursday.

Maren had a suggestion for my blog that I think I will give a try. She was saying that since the first year of the blog is 2007, maybe every Thursday should be throwback Thursday with pictures prior to 2007. Let's give it a try, enjoy!

Here are a few pictures from January 2005
Preston and Lillie (with Hansen in the background) at Chuck E Cheese.
Lillie and Hansen making a PNW style snowman.
Lillie reading a book in her room, back before we got rid of this rocking chair that all three kids were rocked in as babies.
A month earlier, Dec 2004. Preston playing a very fancy piano in Downtown Seattle during a Christmas piano recital.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy Happy Birthday.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday we wrapped up Maren's birthday weekend with a trip to Red Robin.
Enjoying her birthday out. If you look way past Maren to the back corner of the restaurant you can maybe see some young kid getting sung Happy Birthday to by the staff. Maren gave us all the "you will not tell them it's my birthday" look! So, no singing until later with our Costco Tuxedo cake. And yes, we did all sang like Barry Manilow when the singing time rolled along.
Of course we were all there! This picture was taken before Hansen started eating his jalapeno burger with ghost hot sauce burger. We were given a blow by blow of just how hot that burger really was! Nope, I didn't try it.

Earlier in the day I drove Preston up to the U district as he had an alumni interview with an alumnus from Stanford. He had a nice talk with the Stanford guy over coffee. Preston has not heard back from any college yet, but these choices are just around the corner. I walked around a U-Village that is a far cry from the U-Village that I remember as a student. It is now a full fledged mall. Wow!

See you tomorrow.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Party Time. Superbowl Bound!

Good morning, it is Monday.

Happy birthday Maren! Happy Birthday Mom! Happy MLK Day! Post number two!
We started the day at Value Village for the 50% off MLK day sale! This may be one of the best V.V. days we've had. Tons of great deals!
Then it was the Seahawks game! Did you see that? DID YOU SEE THAT? Yes, we snatched victory right out of the jaws of defeat. Yahoo! Superbowl bound. Of course these two Seahawks fans will be in Chicago for the Superbowl. Judy came by to party too. Her birthday was the other day so it was a joint party.
Judy brought her dog Murphy! Lillie wasn't here the last time Murphy came to visit, so there was some catching up to do.
More candles to blow out. Yay!

See you tomorrow.

Party Time. Excellent.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Happy MLK Day! Happy Birthday Maren! Happy Birthday Mom! How's that for a birthday weekend? Well, Awesome. This is part one of Maren's birthday posts:

For Maren's family party we had a very nice crowd come party at our house. Pics? Sure.
Lillie made Maren this lovely birthday cake! There were even marshmallows in the fillings.
Pizza and hanging out.
Piano playing.
Very cute birthday cards. One of the wings was made by Jack, the other by Avery.
Noise makers! And those little party blower things.
Picture taking. This is Auntie Sue taking a picture of Mel and Court. In the background Preston and Lillie are playing songs on the piano where Preston plays the left hand and Lillie plays the right hand.
Present time.
More presents!
Blowing out candles. See, this party had a bit of everything!
Including Seahawks! Yes, the Seahawks are going back to the Superbowl! Hah!

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pizza John.

Good evening, it is Saturday.

Hansen and I have been shooting the bows a bit this last week. Today we shot in a 3D tournament, and Thursday we tried out an indoor league. These two disciplines are so very different.
Indoor shots are all 20 yards. Ten rounds of three targets each, for 300 max points. The very center is an "X" to help with ties. See the targets behind Hansen (Hansen is in the red pizza John shirt)? This is what we're shooting at. The "X" is about the size of a quarter then the numbered rings stretch out in about 3/4 inch increments. The short range and the very cramped shooting lanes can be a bit disconcerting at first. Outdoor shooting is definitely more relaxed.
For my first ever try at indoor, with an outdoor set up, I did very well! I think I beat all the kids this day and most of the adults on this day too!
This 1st place trophy is from today. Today was an outdoor 3D shoot. One arrow per target, 35 targets, unmarked distances and no dots to aim at. Hansen is very good at guessing yardages and such. Today he beat me by about 50 points! Today was also his first day of shooting the young adult class, which means he was shooting from the same stakes as the adults and his competitors were up to 17 year olds. Nice!
This is me shooting outdoors. I must say I've been enjoying archery these days.
Did you see the Seahawks today? I did! They were awesome. Lillie made this field for our square Russell Wilson. I don't know that she is much of a football fan, but she does enjoy all the hype surrounding a winning team. And she loves crafting too. Yesterday Lillie was all decked out in blue and green for Seahawks Friday at her school. Right down to green and blue socks.
The only problem with blue and green socks is they cover up her very fancily made up toes! Right now there are about 20 bottles of nail polish on the coffee table. Anyone need their nails done?

See you tomorrow.


Good evening, it is Saturday.

Wednesday was the first Wednesday night the youth ran their own church service at our church. They call this service "Infinity". Preston and a few others have been busy setting up their room, preparing music, and writing sermons. I attended their service as anyone is welcome, and it was great!
Here is Preston excited that this day is finally here! They really have put a lot of work into this project.
A little more contemporary service I'd say. Lots of music, and even a discussion time at the end. Preston played the keyboard while Devin played the guitar and Maddy sang. Very cool. If you want to check out this service, it is Wednesdays at 7:00p.m.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Hansen's Birthday Party, and More.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

We had a party over the weekend! It was a fun day celebrating Hansen's 15th birthday. Maren even had a friend (that she made while serving jury duty for over two months) and her son come to the party too! How cool is that? There was a little talk of an anniversary, but really it was Hansen's day. Here are some pictures of the party, and a couple of other cool pictures too:
Blowing out the candles.
Carol had pictures of Hansen from all different ages spread around the table. This has got to be one of my most favorite Hansen photos of all time. So cute!
Cousins! Hansen got a variety of very nice birthday presents. Way to go Hansen!
I think this went something like (in a wheezing voice), "Ggggeeettt ooofffff ooofff mmmeee."
Hah, I did take this picture. As we pulled into the driveway my van hit 80,000 miles! Yeah, I know right, I've had this van forever.
Even cooler than my van hitting 80,000 miles was Preston's first soccer game in nearly 6 months. He has joined up with old friends to play in an indoor league to get ready for high school season. His team won 8-2 and Preston scored two very cool goals. After just a couple of minutes it was like he never missed a week. Nice game!
The Seattle Times had a page to make your own square Russell Wilson.
I made Maren her very own Russell Wilson! It was fun to do a little craft project, after all, it is back to school tomorrow! The last time Hansen was in school, it was not only last year, but he was a year younger...

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

15 and 24!

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Happy 15th Birthday Hansen! Happy 24th Anniversary Maren!

Hansen will tell you that his being born on our anniversary was, is, and always be the best anniversary gift we could ever possibly receive. Of course he is right. So lets celebrate Hansen's birthday! Yay!
But first, a couple dozen roses for Maren! Fitting I think, two dozen roses for a 24th anniversary.
And a picture of Maren and I from our wedding day!
O.K. Hansen, now that we have some roses and an old picture out of the way, the day can be all about you! Happy Birthday kiddo!
Here is a picture of our wedding album that Maren dug out the other day. It is very small, but when you elope at the courthouse, that is kind of what you get. It is very nice.
  How about the cupcakes that Lillie made for Hansen's birthday party! While they are delicious, they have a certain look to them. We have been laughing and joking about these crappy birthday cupcakes! Oh My! Happy Birthday Hansen!

See you tomorrow.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Happy New Years!

Good evening, it is Friday.

I hope you all had a wonderful vacation, happy holiday, and a wonderful new year! Tonight is the last night of our vacation, and to be honest, I'm ready to get back to routine. We had a fun New Years Eve! Of course, there is some just waiting around for the the midnight hour isn't there?
Lillie and Preston waited around by kicking the soccer ball and throwing the frisbee.
Hansen waited around by playing his xbox.
Maren waited around by reading in front of the fire. And I just paced, ate, read, and paced some more. Lillie, Preston, and I ended up bowling and playing other Wii games. Of course we watched all the other time zones too. We saw the New York new years at 9:00pm and the New Orleans new years at 10:00pm. After that we could focus on our own new years.
Finally the time had come! Happy 2015! I can't believe it is 2015 already, seems like just a couple of days ago it was 2014. Haha.
We even had some sparkler fun! Well, we had fun, the sparklers were pretty much duds.

The last couple of days have been spent doing not much. Maybe hanging out with friends. Maybe a trip to the archery range. Maybe some baking. Maybe some disk golf. Maybe some watching football. Tomorrow we have a birthday party and an anniversary! Yay.

See you tomorrow.