Saturday, December 13, 2014


Good evening, it is Saturday.

This was my second weekend in a row running in a road race. Only today was a very full field. Like well over a thousand runners. I was number 1104 in the 5K. And the 10K looked full too. I was very happy with my run. Like the tortoise. My time today for 5K was just a few minutes faster than my best 10K times as a kid. Yes, the next pics will be from the race, but if you make it to the end of today's blog, you may see something different.
Getting ready for the race. This Christmas tree guy was awesome. I'm the Santa guy on the left.
After the race with Jim and Nick. Last week I predicted that Nick would beat his dad today and forever more. Nope. I am no Nostradamus. Jim had another great race and finished 27th overall. I finished 427th overall. Yeah, he beat me by 400 people and just over 10 minutes.
Yup, the Christmas tree did finish the race.
These are a couple of my co-workers that also ran. Actually Delinda walked the 5K and Joy ran the 10K. I also ran into tons of other friends at the race. 
Hey John, I ran into Mr. Lawrence. He says "Hi!" He beat me in today's race. I snuck this selfie while we were cheering on other finishers.
 Here you go. A photo that's not from the race. Right as I was getting home from the race, Maren and Lillie were heading out to Girls Day in South Seattle. Maren sent me this picture of the whole group. Pretty big crowd if I do say so myself. 

See you tomorrow.

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