Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas.

Good morning, it is Friday (I knew it was the 26th, but the day of the week...I had to look it up!).

We had a very nice Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I hope you did too! We spent Christmas Eve at John and Carol's house with the usual gang. If moving plans go as planned, this may have been the last Christmas in old Burien house (John and Carol have lived there for 45+ years). After dinner and presents, Courtney asked us to go around the room and each person tell a memory of the old Burien house. We told lots of great memories ranging from breakfast for dinner to crazy hair. And there are many more that were not told. But in the end, I don't think we were talking about a house at all, but rather a family.
Here is a pano of the gang at dinner time. A few people kind of got panoed, but it's a fun picture non the less.
 All aboard the Polar Express. John has his train track set up upstairs. We even had the whistle going and steam billowing out of the engine.
Avery counting the presents! Hurry up and eat folks, the clock's a ticking!
 Lillie and Avery hanging out.
Preston and Jack getting ready for dinner.
Hansen and Jack with their electronics. After dinner and presents and stories and goofing off it was time for everyone to head out in different directions. Our five as well as John and Carol attended the 7:30pm candlelight church service at our church. Hansen and Lillie were the acolytes. Yes, they had plenty of candles to light! After a beautiful church service it was home to wait for Santa.

Who woke up first this year? Me. Followed by Maren. Then at 10:00 Lillie woke up her brothers and they all came down to see what Santa brought! Santa did alright this year! We had a relaxed Christmas day at home. Hansen hung out on his xbox trying to update stuff along with the rest of the world (something about hackers and xboxlive) Lillie hung out painting nails and styling doll hair. Preston and I went out for a quick disc golf adventure. I also got to talk to my parents and sister on the phone.
Check out Lillie's fingernail art! Amazing.
We were not the only ones out for a quick round of disc golf. This may be a posed picture. Preston is actually just a blur when actually throwing his tee shot.
Does Maren know how to kick back or what? A book, some wine, and a fire. Merry Christmas!

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

I didn't know John & Carol were going to be moving! I have fond memories of family fun in that house as well... including opening presents one Christmas, though I don't know if I've ever seen that many presents (and we thought we had a lot ;)

Lillie's nail art is AMAZING and Maren certainly is living the dream. It was good to talk to you. Merry Christmas, Slanes & Ostergards!

Ellen said...

Merry Christmas! It was great to talk to you.

Melanie Ostergard said...

Maren reading by the fire! That was her favorite place when we were kids, too...minus the wine glass ;)