Tuesday, December 02, 2014


Good evening, it is Tuesday.

Every few days for the last few weeks Preston has been contemplating having me cut his hair. Yeah, I know, right! Actually the last time he got his hair cut one side was a bit longer than the other, so I fixed it for him. I think I gained his trust at that time. Tonight was the night, Preston actually wanted me to give him a haircut.

Of course, I've been cutting my own hair since I was Preston's age. In fact the clippers I still use today are a set I purchased from Payless Drugs when I worked there as an 18 year old. Enough rambling, pics:
Before, looking long for sure. But cool no doubt.
Oh my. What is all this?!?
All cleaned up and looking good. Who is this guy? I'm sure with a little brushing and possibly a little gel it will look even more styled. But I'd say we did a pretty darn good job. And saved a little money too!

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Oh my gosh! Preston looks great! Actually the last time I got my hair cut it came out with one side longer than the other, too. Maybe I should wait till we visit and have you fix it...

Amber said...

Preston is so handsome! Nice work.

I trimmed up Clark's hair recently, which basically means I chased him around the house with scissors...