Thursday, December 18, 2014


Good evening, it is Thursday.

With winter break just around the corner, the schools have been busy cramming in as much as they can. I've been crazy busy at school getting in last minute assessments. The boys have been studying for end of semester tests. And both Lillie and Preston has their winter band concerts today.
Lillie is second from the left in this picture. She played great! Thanks to an end of school day band concert time, not only was I able to attend, but Preston and Hansen showed up too! They drove straight from school to support their little sister. It had to be fun for the boys to see their elementary school in this way, not to mention to hear just how simple and fun a first year band performance can be.
This is the first panoramic photo I've ever taken with my new phone. It turned out great! This was the second packed concert in a row. The 5th grade band/orchestra went first, then the 6th grade band/orchestra played.

Once home from the concert, it was a mad dash to make Rosettes. Lillie and I got everything going. We had a good start with the Rosettes when John and Carol showed up to help. Carol showed us some good tricks for moving the batter to the oil without having it fall off the hot iron. These cookies are stubborn for sure.
Here Lillie is moving the super hot iron to the batter, then back to the hot oil. I made a few Rosettes to show her, then made plenty of hoopla about how dangerous hot oil really is...then set her off on her own. She did a great job!
Rosettes! There was no way that Lillie and I were going to make 60 Rosettes (how many Lillie is asked to bring to school) so Carol came to rescue by bringing over her Spritz Cookie Press. Lillie and Nana made bunch of spritz cookies to fill out the bunch.
Spritz cookies in Christmas Tree form. Yum! Before these cookies were even done cooking Preston was off to his school wearing a Tuxedo for his band concert.
The senior band at KL is amazing! To listen to Lillie's first year band then go see this band on the same day was quite an experience. These kids grow so much as musicians. Even Lillie was blown away just to think that some day she will be so accomplished. Preston even had his own cheering section. After tomorrow, two week of vacation!

See you tomorrow.

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