Sunday, December 07, 2014


Good evening, it is Sunday.

This weekend I stepped off the treadmill and ran in an actual road race. The Covington Days 4K Reindeer Dash. Yes, 4 kilometers felt like a long ways...don't judge me:) And I am soooo sore. My calves are just fine, but my hamstrings and quads are just dead.
 This is the cute t-shirt I got for completing the race. I'm not one to buy a shirt from the races I run, but this one was free!
How do you like the antlers? The guys on the right side of this pic are Nick (one of Hansen's friends) and his dad Jim (on of my friends). They ran the race too. Jim ran a great race...he kind of pulled a fast one on his kid. He said he would run with the leaders for just a bit, then drop back and take it easy. Welp, he never slowed down and by the time Nick figured this out, he couldn't catch him. My guess is this is the last time Nick ever lets his dad beat him in a run.
In the goody bag from the race I received these strange 3-D glasses. I looked through them and couldn't figure anything out with them. So I just put them back in the bag. Maren was looking through the cache and figured them out! Here Avery is checking them out while she visited for a few minutes today. Avery was here as Hansen and Lillie spent the night at John and Carol's house along with Jack and Avery. Fun times were had!
Look at our tree! This photo was taken through the lens of the 3-D glasses. They make each little light look like a perfect little Santa Claus! How freaking cool is that? Very cool!

See you tomorrow.


Susanna Powers said...

That's how your Dad and I see without any glasses! love, susanna

Julian Slane said...

Aunt Susanna, you have Santa Vision! How cool is that?!? Let me answer for you. Very cool:)

Ellen said...

Love the antlers!

Amber said...

SANTA VISION!!! Oh Julian... nice work on your first race in awhile. I won't ask for your time, but I do think you should take a rest day now.

Julian Slane said...

Amber, my time was about 22 minutes. 4K is about 2.5 miles. So my pace was just under 9 mins per mile. I feel so slow! My first goal is to drop 15 lbs. Then under 20 mins for a 5K. My guess is those goals will go together. I don't have long distance goals like marathons or the like. And I never need to ride my bike 100 miles again either:)