Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was the first night of Chanukah. Happy Chanukah to all my Jewish family and friends. I still have the menora that my Grandpa Sandler and Bernice (Zaidy and Bobbie) sent up several years ago as well as his typed blessings to read.
I'm glad we are able to celebrate our Jewish roots even as we raise our children in the Christian faith. There certainly was a time this may have been harder than it is now. C.S. Lewis has plenty of quotes. One that I like is this,"The gap between those who worship different Gods is not so wide as the gap between those worship and those who don't."
From Maren's Norwegian and Swedish heritage comes a Christmas cookie called Rosettes. The picture is of a Rosettes iron that Carol gave Maren. Lillie and I will be making Rosettes on Thursday for a project Lillie has at school. Lillie has written the recipe, a report, an will be bringing in some that we actually cook. After reading all about them, and how to cook them, I'm still at the stage of hoping we actually have the talent to make some worthy of bringing into school! I'm sure we will have pictures to come.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Great post! Good luck with the Rosettes!

Amber said...

We've been lighting our menorah, but I couldn't find the blessings from Grandpa so I sort of improvised my own based on my (not so great) memory: "Blessed are we for lighting the Chanukah menorah. Blessed are we for our forefathers, who made miracles in those days. Blessed are we for my Grandpa Sandler, who we miss every year at this time." Am I close?

Julian Slane said...

Amber! Your blessings are excellent. A little touch of Slane-ism. Great! Of course there are differences in liturgy, but you're pretty darn close.
The way Grandpa typed them are:
1. Blessed are we for kindling the Chanukah candles.
2. Blessed are we for our forefathers who made miracles in those days at this season.
3. Blessed are we who have been sustained and have lived to this season.

Julian Slane said...

Amber, today (12-18) is the day to light grandpa's Yahrzeit Candle. Actually last night at sunset.