Sunday, December 21, 2014


Good morning, it is Sunday.

We are only a day and a half into vacation and routines are starting to change. Rather than doing homework, the kids that are here (for the past couple of days Preston has been staying at and volunteering at with his high school youth group friends. He will be home today) are getting artsy.  Hansen with his archery, and Lillie with pencil and paper. Yes, bow setups can be artsy. Hansen and I have been doing some trading of equipment and I think the setting up an accurate bow takes lots of creativity. Weight distributions, nock heights and servings, colors, and more. Maren and Lillie are tired of hearing it! Lol. So let me show you some of Lillie's amazing doodles:

Art runs in Lillie's veins. I have such a hard time with eyes and facial features. Way to go Lillie.
How about some snow flakes! Yes, we did just watch the movie Elf.
Here is a picture of Jonathan and Preston after their last band concert. Jonathan's dad took this after the concert. These two are amazing artists as well.

See you tomorrow.

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