Monday, November 10, 2014

Who's the Turkey?

Good morning, it is Monday.

Today the kids and I have the day off from school. Tomorrow too. It is a long Veterans Day weekend. Thank you veterans!
 Lillie had a part in her school's Veterans Day Assembly. Here she is reciting part of a poem. She and her Girl Scout troop also got to walk in with the flag. John was in attendance along with lots of other veterans. The boy's school also had a Veterans Day assembly that Preston and the band got to play in.

Now that Halloween is over, we are full steam onto Christmas. There are Christmas movies on TV around the clock and the Christmas commercials are full tilt. But what about Thanksgiving? Well, Lillie did find this quiz online:
Which Thanksgiving food are you? Maybe this will be the theme for my Christmas letter? Doubt it, but quiz was fun. Sort of. You see, Lillie saw it on the news as she was procrastinating on bedtime Thursday evening. I wouldn't let her take it that night, so Friday morning she dashed down for quiz time. And the rest is all down hill. Lillie is Brussel Sprouts! Then I took the quiz, I'm Mashed Potatoes! Later on we learned that Hansen was also brussel sprouts and Maren and Preston are also mashed potatoes. How does one become the turkey? Now if I had a choice, I'd be the pumpkin pie.
Connor throwing his golfing disc.
Lillie letting her disc fly. You can see it just feet in front of her as it curves right and back to earth.
Preston with a mighty throw. These three pics are from frolfing with Preston, Connor, and Lillie. Yes, Connor and Preston let Lillie and I tag along. It will never happen again I'm sure. As in never. I did buy these kids slurpees afterwards, so maybe it wasn't the worst ever. Yes it was. Well, we ended the round early because we lost too many discs and we were all just done. I lost two in two consecutive throws! And that was after one of my discs came into contact with Connor's face giving him a bloody lip. Groan. Lillie and I will have to go back to basket weaving...or Christmas movie watching.
Can you see the chameleon in this picture? I took Lillie to the pet store while the boys shopped at Ross. The guy at the pet store took one of these little guys out of the cage for Lillie to see. They are about as long as your little finger. And their eyes are so cool! The pet store is like another zoo. Ask Lillie about the ferret who bit a lady in the face...

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

I looked it up and took the quiz... I'm mashed potatoes. Classic and versatile! Ahhh well, I was hoping to be the turkey...

Ellen said...

We're at Sally's and we all took the quiz -
Dad: mashed potatoes
Mom: mashed potatoes
Sally: Brussels sprouts
Very interesting...