Tuesday, November 04, 2014

A vote for candy!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Now that I've got most of the candy out of my system, it is time to blog again.  Actually we don't have nearly as much candy floating around the house this year as in years past.  For a couple of reasons.  Mainly Preston and Hansen.  They did not go trick or treating.  Well, Preston took Lillie trick or treating, but didn't fill a bag of candy himself.  And Hansen was out at a party with friends.  There is actually one more reason we don't have too much candy...I gave a ton of it away to the kids trick or treating at our house.  We really didn't have too many kids visit (maybe 50 or so) but I was giving out handfuls.  My favorite line of the night was shrieked by a young Elsa or similar, "MOM, HE GAVE ME A WHOLE HANDFUL OF CANDY!!!!"  Of course the next line was Maren saying, "Maybe I should be giving out the candy?  You're going to run out!"  But we didn't, so it's all good.
 Maren and I getting ready to hand out candy!  Next year we really should just have Hansen take our picture, but hey, this selfie thing is too much fun.
Yeah, I pretty much had to refill this dish of candy after every group.
Armed with glow sticks and glow wristbands.  Like they needed them, NOT.  Preston's Naruto headband would have scared off all the ghosts and ghouls for sure.
How's this for scary? I had two flat tires in as many days last week.  I did get to know the inside of Les Schwab's tire store.  But since these tires were purchased there, the flat repairs were free.  Yay.  I do kind of like this cute little red spare tire.
Lillie entertaining a neighbor cat with her shoelaces on the walk home from school the other day. And maybe a good answer for question I asked half a block earlier, "Do you want to stop and tie your shoe?" There were a couple other cats interested in this activity, but they stayed out of camera shot.
Scary good.  These potato chips were in the staff room the other day.  I'd buy some, but the bag would only last one sitting.  This is the type of thing you see around here that never existed before Trader Joes.
Today is also the last day to vote.  We have an all mail in voting system in our area, but many of you probably have to go to the polls still?  Preston got to vote for the first time this election! The first time I ever got to vote was way back when Ronald Reagan was first running for president.  My political views have changed since then for sure.  We tried to help Preston with the issues (well Maren did, I wasn't doing such a good job and had to send in back up) and he voted however he chose to.  I truly think that this next generation of voters will be good for the world.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Glad to hear Preston voted! I do have faith in his generation.