Sunday, October 26, 2014


Good evening, it is Sunday.

I just posted about Hansen's Affirmation of Baptism, but I have a bunch of other great photos to share that I never got around to earlier in the week. I will figure out a witty title for this post as I go, enjoy:

The kids and I carved pumpkins the other day. My pumpkin is the basic jack-o-lantern you see in the top photo. With all the creativeness in the world, sometimes it is good to hold onto the basics. We do have some very fancy pumpkins out front, but I have yet to put candles in them and snap a photo in all their glory.

I took Lillie to her school's Boo Bash.  A Halloween themed dance. Lillie had a great time goofing with her friends.  It was a spooktacular time for sure.

Hansen went to a Halloween party put on by his school's Key Club. Funny how smart kids like to dress up as nerds! Hansen actually dressed up as one of his favorite authors, John Green. He even made his hair to look John Greenish. Hansen chose this quote and a friend of his made this shirt. Every time I read this quote, I somehow read the ninth word wrong (see blog title). In the top picture Hansen is posing as a Nerdfighter. I just googled nerdfighter and this is the actual definition:

  1. Nerdfighters, as defined by co-founders Hank and John Green, are a friendly, nerdy community of people made of awesome. That's right. Nerdfighters have evolved past the normal requirements of flesh and bone and instead of blood, they bleed awesome.

Speaking of Awesome, check out Lillie's poems that happen to be hanging on the wall outside of her school classroom. I spied them when at her goal setting conference on Wednesday. Lillie is truly one of a kind, and she always has a sunny attitude!
And for your last picture of the day. Frolfing with Preston. Actually disc golfing, but he and his friends call it "frolfing", for frisbee golfing. Preston has gotten quite good at this game. Today he soundly beat me, but I did get two pars! Some folks are quite serious carrying their discs in a special bag and everything. The semi-serious frolfers use an old backpack to carry their discs. Today I dug out the perfect backpack for Preston. An old green L.L. Bean backpack that my grandpa Sandler gave me back when I was just a kid. How cool is that? Very cool.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I still have my slide rule! Would go well with Hansen's costume. Happy Halloween! Molly

Ellen said...

I love Lillie's advice from a flower!

Happy Halloween!

Amber said...

Hansen IS made of awesome and CLEARLY Lillie is, too. I love both of the poems!