Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pumpkins in concert

Good evening, it is Sunday.

Today was a record setting day around these parts.  No, I'm not talking about Peyton Manning breaking Brett Farve's all time touchdown passing record.  I'm talking about temperature.  The previous high in Seattle for 10/19 was 70 degrees and today it was 72 degrees!  So after church it was off to the pumpkin patch.
This is the same pumpkin patch we've been going to for some time now.  Here are Hansen and Lillie lounging on an old tractor.  Yes, the sun is so bright that they had to look to the side...or are they watching the cow cross the street?
Lillie and Maren on another old tractor.  Old things are kind of the theme of this pumpkin patch, which I think is very cool.
While I put the pumpkins in the car, Hansen and Lillie went to check out the cow and the pigs.  Lillie actually wanted to go pet this cow!  Hansen was fine with it, he had his camera and would certainly get the shot of Lillie being kicked into the sky.  So yeah, I kept her away.  I'd say we were close enough...
Before we left Maren found a skitzy cat to hang with.  Lillie figures this cat was the kitten we saw last year.  Hmm.
I almost finished this blog post without a single photo of a pumpkin!  We found three pumpkins and they threw in one for free.  See all the pumpkins behind this strange train?  Well, you grab a cart and go find yourself the pumpkin you like.  It is entirely possible that there is not a single pumpkin grown at this pumpkin patch, but hey, we like it here so it's all good.

Now for that concert:
Lillie decided to join Preston as he warmed up for his fall band concert.  I'm not so sure she really helped the warm up process, but fun was had for sure.  The band always puts on quite a show, I will be curious to see if Lillie sticks with music as Preston has all these years.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

I didn't stick with music and I haven't started Aurora on any lessons yet... but I always think I probably should've done both! Ah well.

Julian Slane said...

Amber, Aurora is just the right age to start piano lessons. Or almost. Most teachers want the student to be able to read confidently. And for you...playing the modern radios is hard enough! Actually, the old guy at our local music store says that I should start guitar lessons because, "the guitar is the closest thing to a fountain of youth [he has] found".