Sunday, October 05, 2014

It breaks to the left.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

Yesterday I got to play golf at High Cedars Golf Course.  I'm not joking when I tell you that I have not golfed this course since 1991!  That's right, since I was in college.  But this course is no stranger to me, I probably golfed this course one hundred times with my dad back when I was in high school.  Other than some new tee boxes, the course was just the same!  Well, I'd never have found the course if I wasn't following friends as there are tons of housing neighborhoods, traffic lights, a new clubhouse, and even a soccer golf course right there now.  I even ran into a couple of old faces from "back in the day".  Crazy.  Here are a couple of pictures that look no different than if snapped 30 years ago:
This is the leaning Cedar on hole 9.  Thirty years ago this was hole 18, but they flipped the nines when they built the new clubhouse.
Now add me to the photo.
And a classic tricky High Cedars putt.  I played great, even felt like I knew the course like the back of my hand even though I hadn't played it in like 23 years.  Cool huh?
Yeah, we're not talking golf any longer.  Thursday we all got our flu shots!  Yay!  We actually did this at the boy's high school after school during a flu shot clinic.
Unlike the flu shot clinic where we all successfully received our shots, we didn't have as much luck giving blood this morning.  In fact, while two of us tried to give blood this morning, this van ended up with no blood from us.  One of us was turned away because lack of breakfast, the other had too high pulse.  Really?  Our friend was turned away because she was wearing a sweater.  Fun looking bus though.
Cross Country is in full swing now.  I volunteered at the last meet to guide the runners around a sharp corner out behind the track.  I enjoyed this job.  Believe it or not I'm buying myself a treadmill for my birthday to get myself back into running.  I'm a long way from any half marathons, but apparently my sister isn't.  Here is a link to her fund raising page for the LiveStrong half marathon she is running in come February: If I was in better shape, I'd almost consider flying down and running it too.  Maybe some day.
How about this for a last picture for today's blog?  Preston has been spending tons of time playing the piano and the guitar.  While our piano is a great family heirloom, it may not sound quite as good as a modern piano or even an electric grand.  I was asking Preston if he remembered his piano recitals in downtown Seattle Sherman Clay building when he was little (the store is now closed I believe).  He says he really doesn't remember.  I can tell you he was excellent back then too!  And here is proof that he has played on a $65,000.00 piano!  

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

Whoa! Thanks for the shout out!

I had a similar experience this weekend when I decided to take an advanced step aerobics class for the first time in maybe 14 years. It felt just like walking along a golf course I'd played a hundred times, only everything was turned around just a little ;) I think 4-months will be the perfect amount of time to gradually increase my distance, and unlike Seattle - this is going to be the best time of the year to be running outside in Austin. Maybe next year we can do one together. Unless I come to my senses and realize just how crazy an endeavor it really is...