Sunday, October 12, 2014

Freaking Awesome!

Good afternoon, it is Sunday.

Last night was the 2014 Homecoming dance for the boy's school.  This year they both attended.  OK, I will stop typing and just show a couple of pictures.
Getting ready for the evening.  Maren, Lillie and I were driving Hansen to his date's house then off to dinner.  Preston was on his own, driving he and his date.  No, Preston didn't wear shorts, he just wasn't leaving quite as early as the rest of us.
Hansen and Hannah exchanging flowers.
How handsome are these two?  After dropping them off at dinner (they ate with a large group of friends) Maren, Lillie and I went to the Golden Peacock for my birthday dinner.  Yum!
While at dinner we received this picture of the kids via text message from Jim (Heidi's dad).  Photo bomb selfie?
 And an actual picture.  Looking great for sure!  We actually got to see Preston and Heidi in person for just a moment at Preston swung by to pick up his dance tickets after they ate dinner.  And speaking of homecoming tickets, this is the back side of every printed ticket for the dance:
How's that for a dose of precaution?  Hilarious actually.  Hmm, I may have to google "freaking", on second thought, I don't want to know.  I'm sure any student who actually read the back of the ticket was like, "really?"
Hansen warming up for all the fancy dancing he was going to be doing at the dance.  No, not really.  I'm guessing he didn't do too much dancing as his date is on crutches recovering from knee surgery. He is just trying out my new treadmill for just a minute before leaving for the dance.  I hope to be doing plenty of running on it very soon.

See you tomorrow.


Susanna Powers said...

those rules really are hilarious! sounds like somebody (who wrote it) has issues. cute boys! love, susanna

Ellen said...

Wow, the boys are so handsome!