Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Curious Thing.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday was a fun day to have a birthday.  So, yeah, Happy Birthday to me!  I'm now 315!  In dog years.  I hear that I don't look a day over 300.  There was no school or work for me as yesterday was a teacher workshop.  So instead I hung around and waited for my birthday present to myself to arrive.
Yup, it came in a very big truck!  What can it be?  This is so exciting!
A treadmill!  At least its not a vacuum cleaner.  Last night I built the thing, and this morning I ran my first 30 minutes on the thing.  Now that I'm over the hill, I can just use the incline feature to feel like I'm still on the way up.  Groan.
Yesterday Evening I found myself at the boy's school's Homecoming football game.  Yes, this weekend is Homecoming.  Both boys have dates and are going to the dance tonight.  So stay tuned for more pictures later.  This picture is of the cross country team running the game ball to the game.  They relayed the ball from the school to the field, about 10 miles.  Hansen ran the first leg.
The band was playing some great music as usual.  Preston is in the very center of this photo.  I snapped this photo while the band played Huey Lewis's "The Power of Love".
And a giant KL on the field at halftime.  It was fun to watch the festivities, having a senior and a freshman (not to mention working at an elementary school that feeds into the high school) I kind of know many of the kids.  Kentlake won their homecoming game by a wide margin, but they were playing my old high school, so I would have won either way.

Now lets go back in time a day.  Lillie spent the week at 6th grade camp.  Camp Waskowitz to be exact.  Yes, that's the same camp that Hansen, Preston, and Maren all attended!  John used to bring his classes there too!  Lillie took a ton of pictures, but I couldn't get them to download just yet.
But here she is Thursday when I picked her up from camp.  While she had a great time, I think she was very happy to be home!
All the kids get to make a cool little wooden necklace.  Lillie's is very nice indeed.
What is this?  This crazy design is one of the t-shirts that the kids bought me for my birthday!  what could be better than Spongebob and Patrick riding a cat into space?  Yeah, I'm not really sure.

See you tomorrow.


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