Thursday, October 02, 2014

A cheeky view of Paris.

Good afternoon, it is Thursday.

Yesterday John, Carol, and Carol's sister Sue got back from a week + in Paris.  As in Paris France.  While I haven't talked them about their trip, I did receive several photos texted to me via Stef from Sue.  The captions on the pictures may or may not have been made up by me.  Glad Sue had the fancy phone as it was fun to see these pics in real time:
Just getting the lay of the land.  Hey look, a scooter with a strange license plate!
Starting to figure this Paris place out.  Little itty bitty tables, no room for fries.
We actually found a Washingtonian to take our picture!  Cheese!
Wow, my feet are so sore from all this walking!
Uh...  I swear this was John's idea.  YOLO.
When in Rome.  Er... raise a glass to Paris.
O.K., here is actual proof that we were not just vacationing in the University District.  Hey Maren, check out this shopping bag, it has your initials!  Now lets get back home...

I hope to see some more photos to fill in the gaps of this photo essay.  I'm sure I will get to very soon.

See you tomorrow.


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Excellent commentary!

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