Saturday, September 20, 2014


Good morning, it is Saturday.

In just a bit I will be waking up Preston for his birthday golf tournament.  Last night I went to Value Village to pick up some great prizes!  But who can talk to the back to yesterday.
What do you do when you turn 18?  That's right, you spend your own money buying lottery tickets!  Preston's first try was a loser, his second try broke even.  Thankfully he was happy with his break even winning!  Lillie was begging him to feed it back into the machine.  Glad she is not 18 just yet!
Before the lottery fun, it was out to eat at a very yummy Italian restaurant.  Preston did end up ordering the calzone that his finger landed on for this picture.  Besides the great food, we had bad pictures.  Here are a couple of the best:

No, I don't need to caption these pictures!  And yes, they were the best.  I don't know how Lillie can take five dozen pictures in 3 seconds, but she can.  A fun birthday dinner was had by all.  And no, Hansen was not there because he is in Oregon with his high school's  cross country team.
Hansen is on the left.  If you have not seen him with short hair in a while, you may not know that.  He is running a mud challenge style course right now!  He will be back in time for the family party on Sunday.

See you tomorrow.

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