Saturday, September 06, 2014

What's Old?

Good evening, it is Saturday.

Hang on, I've got lots to share:
Yes, this is the inside of an airplane.
 And Preston is the co-pilot.  For the Labor Day weekend Preston was invited by his buddy to fly to Idaho for a short vacation a long way away.  He had a great time!
Small planes are an interesting thing to me.  This plane treated them great, and it is 50 years older than the cars we drive.  Crazy!
Speaking of old things, Hansen is modeling an old film camera that belonged to Maren's Uncle Brian.  Hansen is taking a photography class this year and old film cameras are encouraged!  Can't wait to see some of the photos that this camera takes and Hansen develops in the school's dark room.
And maybe even older than the camera is Lillie's new sewing machine!  Lillie's newish sewing machine broke and John and Carol's neighbor (once was a sewing machine repair person) found this oldie and got it working for Lillie.  How cool is that?  Metal gears rather than plastic, this will probably work as long as Lillie wants it to.  And yes, this sewing machine is living on the desk I made back in high school!
Hansen ran in his first cross country race today.  This was one of the coolest relay races I've seen.  Over 30 teams running this course.  I really enjoyed watching the start.
Yup, the racers have to run/splash/wade through about 100 yards of beach front water that is waist high at the deepest part.  Hansen said the water was a great relief after a couple of grueling miles.
This race was so big that King 5 was there filming!  I will have to watch the news later!
Nice going Hansen!
Preston's 18th birthday is just around the corner.  We gave him his birthday present just a little early as he is taking a guitar class at school.  This is one musical kiddo!
Today I went on a bike ride with my friend Jim.  I've turned a new leaf and am putting fitness back on the front burner thanks to a free eight week class with a fitness coach!  After the ride Jim and I stopped for a beer.  But it was too hot for a beer and we were on a time crunch, so how about an old school soda?  Green River.  Yum!

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Wow, lots of interesting things going on! I like the old sewing machine on that special desk and how cool that Hansen's taking a photography class where old cameras are encouraged!

Bernice said...

What a busy family doing such neat things. I love the sewing machine - I used to make all my own clothes on an old sewing machine. Lillie looks just beautiful. And an early happy birthday to Preston - love that he is musical - that's something I also did for so many years. And Hansen taking pictures on old that's great. I love hearing about you guys...keep up the good work.