Sunday, September 21, 2014

Birthday Scramble.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday we held Preston's birthday golf bash.  Two teams out for some golf fun.  After a blind draw, I had Connor and Nick on my team and Preston had Josh and Malcolm on his.  Scramble format.  Three drives and three second shots from each player.  KP on all 3 pars.  Two long drive holes.  Perfect.
Call Me Tiger.  That was our team name.  Nick and Connor golfed without shoes.  These guys were fun to golf with for sure.  Starting the second nine Connor had not counted a single drive or second shot while Nick and I were done.  But somehow we got them all in.  Heck, Connor even won a carryover KP!
The Calming Malcolm.  Yes, even staying calm as the Call Me Tiger kids try to destroy their team picture.  The Calming Malcolms got off to a rough start as their name sake arrived at the wrong golf course, but their calming ways carried them on.  Not on to victory, but very close.  They had great shot after great shot.  The Call Me Tiger gang may have had an ex-golf professional on their team who luckily didn't completely buckle under the pressure of his partner's golf balls landing in parking lots, ponds, and wooded areas.
Here we all are joined up for a few moments on hole number nine.  The first nine holes were very slow, but the back nine picked up nicely.

After golf it was back to our house for pizza, cake, ice-cream and prizes.  I had picked up a plethora of wonderful prizes from the thrift shop:
Yes, that is a Fred Couples bobble head dude.  Of course, I dropped and destroyed the fish trophy on the way out the the back yard, but it was all good.  I also had SpongeBob golf balls for all KP and long drive winners.  Very fun!  And a special shout out to Maren who not only had our house in tip top shape, but also pizza on the ready!  

See you tomorrow.

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