Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Happy Birthday Amber!  Today is my sister Amber's birthday, but the pictures I've got to share are pictures from Preston's family birthday party.
Preston started his party with a nap.  Until some of the party goers decided to pile on.
Then is was present time!
Piano time!  The twins do like their Frozen music.  Avery was sharing some great new cover songs.  My favorite was, "Got To Go!  Got To Go!  Can't keep it in anymore!"
After a while they found me.  Help!  Nah, fun just bounces around these munchkins.  I was trying to watch the Seahawks game, but some how I ended up looking at cute cats on my phone.  Every picture these three would loudly go, "AAAWWWWW!!!"  It was fun for exactly 32 seconds, then it was horrible:)
Hansen did make it back for the family party.  A friend who was in Oregon for the cross country meet sent me this picture.  Go Hansen!
The start of Hansen's race!  Maybe I will run in the open run next year, looks very fun!

We had a great birthday weekend around here, hope the wave of fun travels down to Texas for Amber to enjoy.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Got to go, got to go...ha ha, that's great! We're glad Preston had a great birthday weekend - happy birthday Amber!

Amber said...

Thanks! I went on a little birthday run, then got cupcakes, cake, and more cupcakes. How far did Hansen run? He looks great and I bet the haircut makes it a little easier :)

Julian Slane said...

Hansen's race was 5K. There was an easy, medium, and hard course that the kids had a blind draw to choose. Hansen drew the medium.