Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Summer in a day.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

What have we not done yet this summer?  Not a whole bunch, but with all of our schedules and such, we really have not all BBQ'd or had a fire pit with the whole fam.  Last night we were all able to hang out for a bit.  Nice.
Hansen's happy to get the fire started.
Later we even got the fire pit going.
Preston told us a great campfire story.  About a coffin.  Following you.  Through the woods.  Shudder.  Really, a cough drop to stop the coffin?  Great!
Earlier in the day Lillie got to visit the dentist and the orthodontist.  Later in the week we have another visit or two.  Lots of indecision on the braces front.  Remember back in the day when she was this little:
Way back then she hurt her front two teeth on a school yard bar.  Welp, today, as much the orthodontist would like to have Lillie in braces, the well being of these front two teeth are still front and center in such decisions.  But enough on teeth, how about a puppy instead?
Not our puppy.  Phew.  But this cute little puppy did keep the kids entertained at the church picnic the other day.
Many of the kids from Preston's mission trip were there answering questions and such about their trip.  Great group of kids for sure.
See you tomorrow.

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Stef said...

I love seeing Preston in a baseball hat. A very rare sighting!