Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sporty Stuff.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

The other day I got a call from a friend who I've not seen in many years.  Like over ten.  Back in the day I sold him a set of golf clubs that were custom fit made for me back when I was a golf professional. I gave him a very good deal, but asked that if he ever was to get rid of them, that he offer them to me first.  And the call was to offer my clubs back.
 Here they are in my golf bag.  Perfect conditioned Ping ISIs with my name engraved on the hosel.  While I was happy to get these clubs back, it is very bitter sweet.  My friend has MS and hasn't been able to golf for some time.  We did have a nice visit and I'm sure I will visit him again soon.
Hansen had his first actual paid archery lesson the other day.  He learned some great tips that will surely help him over the long run.  This new bow of his has been a bit temperamental of late, and it is good to know it is not the shooter this time around.  I will be doing some tuning and cutting some better matching arrows soon.  Hansen should be shooting better than ever soon.
Preston played in a soccer tournament over the weekend.  Actually, just Saturday.  Two games.  The event was Friday through today, but Preston was just a guest player.  And a great addition to the team he was.  He scored the goal in last night's game that put the team into the playoffs.  I know the team won the semi finals this morning, no word on how they did in the finals.  This picture is a cool panoramic.  The row of trees on both ends of the photo are the same row of trees.  On the right side are mini cities of RVs.  On the left are booths selling both food and merchandise.  In the background was a huge tent playing music.  Amazing area for a tournament for sure.

Maren and Lillie sports you ask?  Lillie is signed up for a dance class in the fall.  And Maren is out front petting the neighbor's little kitten that likes to visit our house.  Does that count?  Sure.

See you tomorrow.

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