Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Shoot the Moon.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

This may be a longish blog with plenty of photos.  For the last few days I've been fighting with my photostream, which means loading pictures from my phone has not been going well.  Last night I uninstalled everything and reinstalled everything and for this moment, it's working again.  Phew.  Thanks to Maren for helping troubleshoot:)
Saturday and Sunday Hansen competed in the Washington State FITA Field Championship.  He is your Champion!  Congrats Hansen!
Not knowing how big this tournament would be, I decided not to compete and just walk with Hansen the first day.  The fellow on Hansen's left is from Oregon and had just returned from a tournament in Texas.  Of course, not all archers take it so serious as these two...
Yeah, here are the other two from the group.  At the end of the day I couldn't tell if the guy on the right disliked liberals, or was actually one himself and a really horrible archer.  Hmm...
Anyhow, the second day I brought my bow, and I'm really glad I did.
Hansen got to shoot with a couple of his archery friends.  And he really didn't need me following the group around.  So I didn't.  I used Hansen's old bow and shot really well with a nice group of guys.

Sunday evening I was so tired.  But I did remember that Maren wanted to walk down to the end of the block and check out the super moon.  Haha, lots of good jokes waiting right there.  But I digress.
Yup, that's the super moon behind us.  Preston is taking this photo.  And we had to be quick because we were in the middle of the road and cars kept driving bye.
Preston is actually holding the super moon and taking a selfie of Lillie and himself.  That's talent my friends.  I could spell "talent" with two l's all day long.  Thanks spell check!

Monday ended up being the hottest day of the year.  In fact I think it was the hottest day in several years.  Maren sent me this photo on her drive home:
Yeah, 101 degrees.  Luckily we were headed to the movie theater.
 Maren purchased us sneak preview red carpet tickets to see the opening of The Giver.  This is a wonderful book that we've all read.  Jeff Bridges purchased the movie rights to this book 18 years ago with the hope his dad would play the part of the giver.  18 years later and he is in that role.  This was truly a bittersweet event for us and for everyone.  Just before the red carpet the world found out about the death of Robin Williams.  Jeff Bridges and Robin Williams were great friends and it was with tears and a heavy heart that Jeff did his job.  Very Sad.  The movie on the other hand is absolutely wonderful.  They did great by the book and even had Lois Lowry (the author) on set and at the premier.

A day later and the 100 degree weather is gone.  It is now 70 degrees and raining.
Last night I took Preston to his soccer game.  It rained the whole time and was very dark at the end.  Preston scored two great goals on the way to a victory for the team!
Lastly, but certainly not leastly, Lillie has Girls Scouts camp this week.  All week we get to see Lillie in orange.  Yesterday she learned about pocket knives and carving.  Oh My.  I'm happy to report that Lillie was not one of the girls injured by a pocket knife.  Yay!  As a matter in fact, it's time to sign off and bring Lillie to camp.

Nanu Nanu


Stef said...

Your blog has been extra entertaining to me lately! Always starts my morning off with a smile :)

Julian Slane said...

Thanks Stef!