Friday, August 15, 2014

Senior Pictures.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was the first of many.  The first of many senior things.  By the time Lillie is a senior in high school all these firsts will just be old hat.  Preston gets to be our navigator here, well, Maren and I were once seniors in high school too, but maybe that was a different time right?  Yesterday I took Preston for senior pictures.  We did order a package of pictures worth a car payment or two, but they were well worth it, the pictures are great!
Preston liked this idea of a professional studio doing the pictures.  Quickly.  At one time.  Some folks these days are taking a photographer out on the road to fields of grass and abandoned train tracks and such.  Those turn out great, but Preston was more inclined to just get it done.  They offered up to three changes of outfits, Preston brought two.  The best part?  Well, that's the next picture.  The second best part was at the end.  Believe it or not, the picture both Preston and I thought was the best one, the one that will be in his year book an on the wall, was the very first picture taken.
After the first set of photos, I spied the Blue's Clues Thinking Chair.  Preston loved Blue's Clues as a little guy and many years ago we had pictures taken in this exact chair.  The photographer let me take this picture with my phone.  I have to say that this one picture (taken on my phone) was worth the whole cost of the photo shoot for me.

Now for a little nostalgia:
This is Preston and Hansen in the exact same thinking chair!  This picture is from Valentines Day 2000.  Hansen was just over a month old and Preston was three and a half.
 And a for his 3rd bithday with Blue!  I've got the music from Blue's Clues dancing around in my head right now...dat dat da da da Blue's Clues...

See you tomorrow.

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Susanna Powers said...

that's amazing about the little chair. Once the official photo is in the yearbook, please let us see that too. Preston is very handsome! love, susanna