Friday, August 08, 2014

Piano Time.

Good evening, it is Friday.

What a nice week we've had.  Great weather and fun times.  I can't even say that we have even done much, but relax.  Relaxing means hammock, archery, golf, reading, video games, walks, and shopping too.  That's right, we did some school shopping today.  Lillie is ready for school to begin for sure.  But her summer is not over yet!  One of the things happening in our house lately that I've enjoyed a lot is Preston playing the piano.  He finds the music to popular songs and learns to play.  I took a couple of videos of him playing.  He may want you to know that he is still learning these songs, but I think they sound great!
 This is part of John Legend's All Of Me.  Nice huh?
This is Let It Go from the movie Frozen.  Lillie and I enjoy making up Weird Al style lyrics for Let It Go.  Our best song so far is Yellow Snow.  Ha!

I also learned today that I should hold my camera horizontally for taking videos.  These had to be rotated, and doing so with video is not as easy as a picture.  Enjoy!

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

We really enjoyed Preston's piano playing! Awesome!

Amber said...

Mom & Dad told me about this before I saw it and... In my mind I imagined Preston singing! But, I love the muzak versions... well done, Preston. I'm a fan!